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UN Day

October 24 is UN Day, the day when the UN Charter entered into force. UNDP IRH organized a fantastic whole-day event, bringing together more than 200 staff (including those from other UN agencies such as UN Women, UNDCO, etc.). The event was not only to celebrate the UN’s birthday but also to remind us of the pain of wars and conflicts and the importance of peace and inclusive growth.

Before the event, we had an “open floor” activity, encouraging people to visit other teams’ offices and decorate their own floors. We collected some fun photos from colleagues on our floor and created “a wall of pictures.” It is an excellent way to get to know these amazing people and their projects at UNDP!

On the event day, we watched introduction videos prepared by each team/organization, played team-building games (including ping-pong 😉), took team photos, and even danced together.

Of course, it is important to do a rapid test before coming to the event, as we are still in the pandemic!


Ashley Wu

Placement Site: HIV, Health and Development Team, Istanbul Regional Hub, United Nations Development Programme


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