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A dreamer and a realist

I have been working in HealthServe’s casework & social services as part of my placement. On a typical day, I answer calls from migrant workers, distribute social support and handle administrative matters, such as generating aid reports.

The workload for casework is unpredictable – at times when many clients (migrant workers who seek out our services or advice) drop by it can be hectic! However, I really enjoy chatting with the migrant workers to figure out how we can help them given their specific situations. It brings me the most joy when clients tell us they have completed their insurance claim process and can go home to be with their families.

Being able to support clients has helped me realize my own privilege and the change I can make with it – Hongkonger, Singaporean, Bangladeshi: we were all born to be loved. While realistically impossible, I hope we don’t stop dreaming of and working towards a world where human rights are realized for all.


Felicity Lam

Placement Site: HealthServe, Singapore


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