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The placement is a physical anchor for the multi-spherical and interdisciplinary Concepts

As this placement wraps to an end, I would like to highlight some of the key moments in this exchange that really pushed a keyword that encapsulates my journey in this internship: perspective.

HealthServe targets migrant workers and their wellbeing, providing services from basic clinical care to advocacy of mental health by training up migrant brothers to spread mental awareness and aid to their peers. My first rotation in casework really opened my eyes to what was perceived to be a service-heavy region with a non-existent manual sector that is Singapore. However, the first view of dormitories really opened my eyes to the harsh living environments that our brothers face in their day-to-day life – ranging from deprived social relationships to poor support by their employers. I helped out in casework, clinic, and comms, all of which gave me insight on how HealthServe has reached out to migrant workers, advocated for areas such as dental health and preventive measures such as workplace safety, and also how community-ran clinics handle logistics and the preparations involved. Meeting new people, migrants or locals, has shown me the various lifestyles and unique skills that everyone offers and has, especially those migrant workers that hold degrees and have had an education. This exchange has been an inseparable experience in my GHD programme and created a physical anchor for the multi spherical and highly interdisciplinary concepts that we have been taught in class.


Zachariah Chan

Placement Site: HealthServe, Singapore


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