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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

“Communications & Engagement? Why are you interning there?”

You might be surprised by that. Honestly, I felt the same way too when I first heard of it. On one hand, I was inexperienced in such areas and so I was not very confident in executing the tasks up to par; on the other hand, I couldn’t relate the position to global health and development. Therefore, I initially felt a bit overwhelmed and afraid by the work I will complete in the Communications & Engagement (C&E) department.

However, with the guidance and support from my supervisors and my fellow colleagues, I was able to grasp the social media platform management skills and boost my creativity to create content and visuals for HealthServe. I was also fortunate to participate in and cover some of the major activities as a C&E intern. One of the most unforgettable events was to be at the HealthServe 16th Anniversary Gala Dinner; I was mainly responsible for covering the event via Instagram stories and Facebook Live. Although I encountered some technical difficulties, I was able to pull it off along the way, meet a lot of amazing people, and enjoy my time there.

The C&E internship experience has also made me realize that my work links closely to stakeholder engagement and management, which are actually related to GHD and essential for me to learn before I step into the field. Being a C&E intern gave me a brand new yet fruitful and rewarding experience here at HealthServe!

Exposure to an unfamiliar domain may indeed be uncomfortable, but it’s not a bad thing to feel so. Try to embrace it, and you will always find something new and relatable to learn from, just like me!


Dickson Tong

Placement Site: HealthServe, Singapore


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