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Sang the unity

I have sung in different choirs in Hong Kong but I have never sung in a choir abroad. When I knew that the United Nations staff council has a choir, I joined the choir without hesitation.

During Christmas time, we had a Christmas caroling performance in a church. We sang different carols and famous songs such as And So It Goes and Silent Night. The whole program was composed of different songs in different languages such as Latin, Slovak, German and French. I felt excited to sing some songs that I have already known in a different language. We also dressed in costumes which represented different cultures. We had costumes from Korea, Philippines, France, etc. The meticulous and thoughtful design of the language and costume fully reflected the UN value of diversity.

During the performance, I felt heart-warming when all the voices and percussions were coming together, especially during the last song we invited the audience to sing together. I am super grateful that I got to have this unique experience when I was abroad, because I have never imagined that I can perform on a stage in New York. The day that we had the performance was also my last day at office, and this is certainly a good and unique way to end my journey.


Vincy Yau


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