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Preparatory meeting of the UN 2023 Water Conference

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the preparatory meeting of the UN 2023 Water Conference. The aim of the meeting was to finalize the themes of the interactive dialogues of the UN 2023 Water Conference. Non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, philanthropic organizations, academic and scientific institutions, as well as other relevant stakeholders were invited to contribute their views on water action. Taking into account the contribution from the stakeholder consultation session, participating member states and other stakeholders discussed and finalized the themes of the UN 2023 Water Conference.

The importance of forming public-private partnerships to tackle water and sanitation issues was repeatedly mentioned by multiple stakeholders. Being engaged in some projects related to WASH partnerships in my current internship, listening to the discussion on the global water agenda enabled me to better understand and advance the WASH partnerships that we are currently proposing, by incorporating the viewpoints of different stakeholders for it to better fit the needs of the contemporary society. This is certainly an inspiring experience and I wish to further explore on this field in the future!


Vincy Yau


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