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Making an impact on a placement

BASc(GHD) Year 4 student Fan Nga Yin Renee is doing her Field Placement at Generation Unlimited, UNICEF. During the last two weeks of September, she had the chance to attend the Transforming Education Summit as a side event of #UNGA and also Generation Unlimited's Global Leadership Council. She found it amazing to hear the insights from global and national leaders and from all the young people on how to jointly bring equitable opportunities. she had several learnings and reflections, and these thoughts reaffirmed that her work in the Youth Engagement team is making an impact.

She felt glad to connect with the YPATs (Young People's Action Team) from Generation Unlimited and a few other youth representatives from different backgrounds. The discussions they had inspired Renee a lot.

Huge Thanks to the GenU team for the hard work to make this happen!


Renee Fan


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