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Retreating of the Strategic Partnership and Resource Mobilization in Emergencies Unit

Prior to the retreat, our unit, Strategic Partnership and Resource Mobilization in Emergencies, held a meeting with the Regional Director and Deputy Regional Director. The purpose of the meeting was to gain clarity on our unit's responsibilities, determine the priorities as part of IFRC, and understand the expectations placed upon us. Having clear objectives for the unit greatly motivated me to contribute my utmost to its goals.

During the retreat, we dedicated time to comprehend the individual responsibilities within our

team, enabling us to strategise and collaborate more effectively. This valuable opportunity allowed us to foster stronger connections and gain insight into how we should interact with one another. It provided a clear understanding of the unit's functioning and my role within it, and also served as a platform for enhancing my social skills. Overall, it was a great experience that encompassed both professional growth and personal development.

This photo captures a significant moment during our retreat, where we collectively organised our thoughts on sticky notes and shared them with one another. Although it may appear simple, this exercise played a crucial role in aligning our perspectives and reinforcing our shared priorities as members of the IFRC. It served as a powerful reminder of our common goals and responsibilities, ultimately guiding us towards effective collaboration and focused action.


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