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Nicole’s inspiration on health equity

“Asia Trek” as the third learning event of the Equity Initiative (EI) Fellowship program, I am delighted to travel to Singapore with the team where I also met my classmates. In this trip, I did not only meet the EI fellows in person for the first time but also had valuable opportunities to explore health equity issues in the ASEAN region from a comparative lens in Singapore.

Singapore has undoubtedly enjoyed a high standard of living with universal health coverage, yet still encounters health equity challenges in terms of migrant workers’ physical health and mental health. The dialogues and panel discussion sessions with a range of different stakeholders from policymakers, and entrepreneurs to civil society and migrants have definitely provided me with a unique insight into how community-based approaches could interplay with top-down policies to bring about positive system change. More importantly, Singapore as a tech-savvy country, I have also learned the potential of leveraging social innovations and digital health to eliminate existing health inequities.

Aside from all the meaningful learning events, I also enjoy exploring the beautiful greenery and modern architecture in such a vibrant city.


Nicole Chung


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